If you can imagine it,

so can we.

We all want to live in a home that's as beautiful as it is functional. Your kitchen is the heart of your home. At SW Fleming, our professionals design unique, hand-crafted cabinetry with exquisite detail and custom storage solutions, to provide you with comfort and pleasure for many years to come. We can balance functionality with aesthetic design to build the statement kitchen you've always dreamed of...

From staircases.

We manufacture both simple and unique staircases, including the more complex curved and spiral designs for traditional and contemporary interiors. Our carpenters have a wealth of experience and intuitive appreciation for the importance of creating magnificent entry and focal points to hallways.

To saunas.

In additional to more simple joinery projects, SW Fleming offers Special Commissions — from private saunas to custom cinemas, from dressing rooms to games rooms. Our experience in designing and creating tailored joinery for high-end Residential and Commercial projects allows our team to fit within the budget you have in mind.

We push boundaries

to deliver tailored

and cost-effective

joinery solutions.

We're able to achieve the most simple and complex joinery requirements — both on time and within budget.

Specialists in period property restoration, we replace and renew traditionally-styled doors and windows to specification.

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